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Atri Hegde

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Co-Founder | Head of Tech and Infrastructure

Atri is a savvy tech nerd, known for his versatile abilities and commitment to his work. He's usually exploring the latest technologies, reading books or going to the gym. Intrigued by cars and motorbikes, Atri spends his days off going out on walks or spending time with his family.

Glec Jalandoni

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Co-Founder | Head of Sales

Glec is an emerging salesman who is fueled by willpower and the appetite for knowledge. When he's not at his desk, he's either at the gym or enjoying the wildlife. He looks up to role models like Jordan Belfort and Justin Waller, and hopes to create a legacy similar to theirs.


Dusan Nikolic

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Head of Creative

Dusan is a video editor. He does his job well.